The Dark and Darker Steam return can be coming eventually, as updates on the RPG game within Valve’s store suggest a possible comeback, alongside a brand new Dark and Darker playtest. It follows following the Ironmace game was stripped away from Steam as a result of copyright complaints from publishing company Nexon, that's since been chosen officially to sue the Dark and Darker team. Despite these ongoing legal concerns, there is evidence that Dark and Darker Gold may soon return to their office on Steam – let’s examine.

Dark and Darker Gold

Dark and Darker was taken off Steam in March, following allegations that this team at Ironmace had taken and reused assets inside RPG which are previously developed in a separate project overseen by Nexon. In a subsequent legal filing, Nexon alleges that developers at Ironmace – who had formerly worked under Nexon – had stolen assets coming from a Nexon game dubbed ‘P3’ and used these phones to create Dark and Darker.

While Dark and Darker’s legal issues are to be resolved, the action has conducted recently playtests beyond Steam, a few of which, Ironmace claims, are already disrupted by DDoS attacks. Now, however, an update inside the Dark and Darker Steam database hints the RPG might soon come back to Valve’s storefront.

On May 17, the Dark and Darker Steam backend received two updates. The first was an update on the game’s central Steam store listing. The second was more ominous, and seemed to add a beta tag named ‘Dark and Darker playtest.’ You can see both updates, which right now were added merely 14 hours ago, in the image below:

This certainly generally seems to imply that something is going on under the dark and darker gold hood. In fact, I remember it absolutely was only a couple of months ago when we started seeing similar updates inside the Counter-Strike Global Offensive Steam backend, and, well, look where that wound up. We’ll keep a keen eye on Dark and Darker database details to boost you with everything we look for.

In the meantime, we've plenty of particularly the full Dark and Darker release date. You might also have considered trying some of the other best fantasy games, or possibly all the upcoming games you can expect in 2023.