The Elder Scrolls Online Gold allows players to research the world of Tamriel nevertheless they choose. I started while using the Aldmeri Dominion faction being a Nightblade in this particular playthrough. This short search for the Malabal Tor zone will deliver an idea of what challenges players can encounter inside the faction’s fifth area.


Northern Valenwood actually starts to give way to jungles the way it approaches the coast, an area known as Malabal Tor. The area may be the seat of Bosmer traditions surrounding The Silvenar and The Green Lady. Silvenar will be the capital, with several small villages of Wood Elves or Wood Orcs scattered throughout the rest of the region. Travelers will find typical jungle life combined with some familiar forest fauna. Expect monkeys, deer, cats, sprigs, thunder bugs, and harbors. But those riding with the deeper thing area should watch out for the many stranglers which could pull a target to the floor in mere moments.

Riding about the path the very first time towards Velyn Harbor in West Malabal Tor, I met Lieutenant Ehran. Ehran confirmed the harbor was under attack by Redguard and Wood Orcs invaders.

At first, I found the battle in and around the harbor exhilarating. Here became a straightforward invasion without a number of complications. But as I helped push the enemy back, it became evident that a minimum of one of the two enemy factions involved had much more of an underlying motivation. Once the situation seemed manageable and I found The Green Lady had her suspicions, I headed East to examine the local Wood Orc tribe called the Drublog clan.

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As I began my journey to the deeper jungle, it became apparent that Ayleid ruins were plentiful with sprawling roots and towering trees. The first pair of such ruins I discovered just East of the Harbor and infested with Maormer Sea Vipers. The ruins housed an artifact referred to as Sphere of Storms, which these Sea Elves are intent on destroying. While I have been able to delay their plans, others may decide to put a lasting stop to them.

A short distance to the South on the ruins, travelers may find Deepwoods Village. This community will be the first Bosmer village I encountered inside the area and was where you can the last two Green Ladies. Speaking using the locals, those serious about Wood Elf traditions can find out more about The Silvenar and The Green Lady. Unfortunately, it appears to be locals have gone missing recently after attacks by werewolves in addition to their allies, the Houndsmen.

Following the trail further East, that regarding a scholarly nature might find interest inside the Falinesti Summer Site. I didn’t seem up to I passed by, but others could have more luck and catch a glimpse of the mythical walking city.

To the Northeast in the Falinesti Summer Site, I finally reached the Wood Orc village of Dra’bul. To my shock, The Green Lady was expecting me. She informed me that despite the fact that these Orcs follow Mauloch, a warrior god, they had maintained peaceful relations while using Wood Elves and dominion until recently. But Chieftain Agrakh now received delusions of conquest. Those ready to use a disguise might possibly uncover additional information than I was, but I did at the least pick up whispers about someone generally known as The Hound, who had gained Agrakh’s ear.