The Elder Scrolls Online Gold: Blades can be a game with plenty of types of chests so that you can loot. Not every single one of these brilliant chests is exceptional and worth wait time so we’ve prepared this handy little TES: Blades Gold Chests Farming Guide that outlines every sort and those that you should prioritize.


The elder scrolls online buy gold: Blades Gold Chests Farming

Wood Chests are instantly accessible and therefore are good for materials so they’re great to farm. Your inventory will fill with Silver Chests when you play just adequately, but those aren't compared to the Gold Chests.

Gold Chests take a long time to open up but they send the most and there’s an attractive simple solution to farm them endlessly i.e. replaying the Abyss. You’re always certain to get a Gold Chest should you play far enough.

Make space to hold only ONE slot as part of your chest inventory. Enter the Abyss and battle unless you obtain the Wooden Chest. Keep it! Continue and soon you get the Silver Chest. This will load your inventory.

Discard the Silver Chest and open the Wood Chest. This will create space for the Gold Chest. Continue into your Abyss before you acquire the Gold Chest. Set the chest to spread out overnight. Exit the Abyss by opening the menu and tapping ‘Exit.’

If you’ve got the inventory space available, you can obtain a second Gold Chest by venturing into your Abyss again. This is a pretty great strategy to reap some high-tier rewards.