The Doomsday Beast will be the first big 'boss' introduction of Honkai: Star Rail Accounts and very bombastic by design. Because of this visual flair, most players often just take it easy and sign up for both from the Beast's hands before even attempting to sign up for the Antimatter Engine.

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

But, as long as they reverse this method instead, there's an achievement anticipating them. So, let's look at the exact method as well as a way to go about getting this achievement in the safe honkai star rail account.

First off, let's be 100 % sure what is the task available is before you go into it. The description from the Hit It Where It Hurts Most Achievement inside Eager for Battle category reads: 'Defeat the Antimatter Engine without defeating either with the Doomsday Beast's hands in Echo of War'.

That description says everything, thankfully. This task is possible in either the initial or second Phase of the Doomsday Beast battle. In fact, for the reason that achievement (which sadly only gives 5 Stellar Jades) doesn't require thoroughly defeating the Doomsday Beast, it's all the more of a 'free' achievement than most with the other ones within the Eager for Battle category.

Where To Find Doomsday Beast

Now, players can unlock this achievement throughout the main story quest-related battle contrary to the Doomsday Beast, whether deliberately or unintentionally. But, most players only notice this is even an achievement when they're scrounging around in search of any extra types of Stellar Jade, therefore, the majority have this done even after they've left the Herta Space Station.

To reencounter the Doomsday Beast, players must enter the Destruction's Beginning Echo of War from the Supply Zone on the Space Station. It'll 'cost' 30 Traiblaze Power to make this happen, but players will need to make this happen quite often anyway to acquire a steady method of getting Materials to level up Character Traces.