Wondering in the event the progress you're making in Diablo 4's Open Beta carries to the site the launch version or if there'll be any reward for participating? Don't worry; we've you covered!

In this information, we discuss if the d4 gold Open Beta progress, because of the Early Access weekend or the weekend afterward, will carry to the game's launch on 6 June 2023, let's quickly get started.

Diablo 4

We suspect everyone should start at the exact same time at launch, on the very same footing, without having an advantage within the race to world first level 100 for many who happened to play inside the Open Beta.

The d4 gold Open Beta will feature the entirety of Act 1 so the Fractured Peaks region, of course, so it really is a whole lot of content to appear forward to.

Isn't finally playing Diablo 4 a good enough reward? Well, some gamers might still be wondering if there are any kind of rewards for participation simply because will not see their progress carry up to the launch version.

In the last, Blizzard has provided cosmetic rewards for engaging in Betas because of their various titles, thus it definitely isn't possible. However, at the time of writing, no Diablo 4 Open Beta participation rewards are already revealed this time. We will update this if/when Blizzard does reveal such rewards. If we were required to take an experienced guess, we know there might be some in-game titles for Diablo 4's launch for individuals who participated in the Open Beta.

While waiting for the Open Beta to start, look into a recent video from Blizzard showcasing that they built the concept of Sanctuary and improved many of the iconic monsters. So there you have it; there isn't an indication that Diablo 4 Open Beta progress will carry over. We will seek to update this post if anything changes.